Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inside Informations: Christ the Bar Person's Invoice

I've often wondered about the workings of the booze business, both local and worldwide. Human civiliation's most endorsed (and by far highest grossing, at almost $1.2 trillion in 2008: source) form of self-medication ("entertainment") seems to many (including myself) "recession-proof" (pun intended?). I haven't gone to the trouble to investigate whether "recession" (we're all aware that the G/B (Government/Business) manipulates cash flow, yes?: video explanation) actually decreases sales or not, but i'm sure if you're interested you can find some stuff on the Internet.

Anyway, I did find this invoice on the ground. Beneath the pic, I'll just mention a few interesting things I learned from perusing it. (You can click all images on this blog to enlarge them) (*I do edit these images in order to remove information that may identify the location of my work, mostly out of respect for my company and neighbors, to tell true. I like a privacy-y tact).

1. This bar owner's first name is, apparently, "Christ" (top left). If that's not a computer shortening, well...holy this person!

2. Net bottle cost (with discount, I believe) of the liter of vodka purchased here is $5.31, which at 64 ounces conservatively equals 30 drinks (accounting for spillage and moderate employee "mis"/use, at an average pour rate of 1.5-2 oz per drink). Further, conservatively estimating that a vodka drink costs $2.75 (though I believe it is probably more like $3.25 or higher as this is a "nice"(ish) place, but probably still does happy hour things), then the (conservatively low) average gross profit from each bottle is $77.19 (2.75x30=82.5-5.31=77.19) (at 3.25 per drink it's $92.19). These are low estimates. And people still have to get paid their servers'/bartenders' (criminally low?) wage of probably less than $3/hour.. All this math goes to show that booze=$$$ - as long as you're the one selling it. (Question: how much is the distributor paying?! Another question: How much is the manufacturer making?! It's nuts! It hurts my brain. If I cared more it probably wouldn't. Things to think about nonetheless.)

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