Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching Up!: Notes/Memoirs/Litters

The way i'm gonna do this (transcribe these) is: i'll type exactly what the handwriting looks like to me, then, when necessary, follow confusing bits with my best guesses at translation within brackets. For example, the first note contains handwriting that looks to me like it says "Af Leo" so i will write that, but it will be followed by [After]. Get it? Good. Finally, in the interest of readability, I will embolden (is that a word?) what i perceive is the gist of the narrative.



"(I've) Af Leo [After] completing ties [the] Exposing Phase & Concludeing realizeing [realizing] in a ferain/ fret will go to rear woarerdl lengtus to keep from working [?] toseter [together] & coming up to // that remaining loyal + absolutely refusing to give up on Phamily & Phriends this makes me soceting [something] that I denied for 25 years: A Damn Fool! // By takeing [taking] full adventsege [advantage] of unEmployment I Experinced [experienced] the Exposing Phase"

my thoughts: someone put someone up to this, but i hope it helps. lives can be pretty tough. (((good vibes)))



*before you get started, i'll let you know that this one gets a "bawdy materials" tag. love poetry on receipt paper. yay! (i'm just gonna transcribe as written as it's followable)

"I stretch out beside you in bed
I try to rest but their is too much
Chaos in my head
I can smell you, and feel
Your bodies heat
I want to lick you from
Your head to your feet
I want to stare into your
eyes as you work between my

so 17th century.

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