Thursday, December 29, 2011

Characters! (Archive?)

Told ya i'm into the archives. I'm not sure how they'll update/alert those "following" the blog though. Perhaps i'll sign up sos i can see.. mmm hmmm. I'll try to write something soon too, instead of just posting lots of pictures. I do enjoy these pics though! Oh, how i enjoy them!

(*remember - you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them)

December 17, 2011

October 20, 2011. This dude was cool enough to let me snap his photo to share with a friend on her birthday. I told him I knew she'd like nothing more than his picture as a gift, so he obliged. Note the sandwich in his right hand. When we were discussing wether or not the picture came out ok he realized I'm a parking officer and started to freak out a little, thinking I was going to get him in trouble, as he was double-parked (parked in a traffic lane). I told him all was indeed well, and it is. I blurred his face a little for privacy. ..But if you know him, you know him. No question.

George. Oh, so many stories about George aka "Wild Man." The broom may seem eccentric, but if you're familiar with George, you know it somehow makes sense. Last summer he and I traded hats one day - I wore his army helmet while he wore my straw hat. Another time, my "significant other" :) saw him driving/riding his automatic wheelchair down the yellow lines of a significantly inclined and very busy street. This photo: Feb. 21, 2012. Notice the shades in his right hand. :) Much love, George. Truly, he seems to be a sweet man.

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